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Subscription Goodie Box

You have just found your newest favorite monthly goodie box!  Congratulations!  As often as you wish, you will receive a thoughtfully curated mix of greeting cards, note cards, note pads,...


Silly Sushi California Roll

File this under things you never knew existed but definitely need in your life, immediately. 4" tall


Amuseable Ice Cream Cone

Full disclosure - I needed this stuffed version to get me through my latest diet #Iloveicecream 8" tall


Hand Painted Ball Necklace

Raise your hand if you miss/rememember the 80's.  Oh, never mind.  Let's try this again.  Raise your hand if you love this neclace!!!  It's just the cutest thing since Kitten...


Second Line Napkins

When the party is so special you need fancy napkins - you found them!   20 full color beverage sized napkins


Where Did I Go Pegboard

Not that it's any of their business, but if they must ask...

Sold Out

Do Your Chores Pegboard

In which column is your peg?  Do you want dessert?  Discussion over!


Paint By numbers Postcards - Sweet

How sweet is this?  You get to be creative and thoughtful all at once.  Boom! 12 paint by number postcards - 6 designs + paints + paintbrush


Paint by Number Postcards - cocktails

OMG OMG OMG if you've never tried paint by numbers - you are in for a treat!  Then treat your friends and family to the joy of snail mail and...

Sold Out

Four Letter Word Puzzle F**k

It's everyone's favorite four letter word.  Let's see if it's still yours after 500 puzzle pieces.  Ready, set, go!

Sold Out

Extremely Fickle Coasters

It's women's perogative to change our minds - our coasters should comply. 4 flippable coasters for all of your indecisive needs


The Naughty Candle

Smells like vodka and cranberry - not what you were thinking with your dirty mind! soy wax 7 oz